Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A.M. Headlines

U.S. Politics

Boston Globe: "Both campaign's eschew politics on 9/11 anniversary"

Wall Street Journal: "Agreement reached on Sept. 11 museum"

Washington Post: "Among likely voters, Obama-Romney close"

NBC News: "Romney on health and taxes"

Slate: "Romney's real problem on taxes"

Reuters: Southern whites troubled by Romney's wealth, religion"

Denver Post: "Obama to campaign in Colorado and Nevada"

Washington Post: "Chicago teachers strike reverberates nation-wide, in presidential race"

Politico: "Rahm Emanuel suspends super PAC fundraising"

Des Moines Register: "New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to campaign in Iowa for Rep. Steve King"

Time: "Congress returns for short pre-election session"

Other News

Haaretz: "Netanyahu: Those who won't set red lines for Iran can't set then for Israel"

CNN International: "Al Qaeda second in command in Arabian Peninsula's killed, Yemen says"

CNN: "North Korea agrees to take South Korea aid"

AP: "Murray tops Djokovic for 1st Grand Slam title"


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