Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Update on the Wisconsin recall election

By Richard K. Barry

Earlier in the day I jumped on the bandwagon with those who think Gov. Scott Walker can hold onto his job in the Wisconsin recall today. Like everybody else, I based that on recent polling.

Of course, neither I nor anyone else with an opinion knows what's going to happen when the votes are counted. What we do know is that turnout appears to be up significantly in polling places on the north side of Milwaukee, according someone tweeting from there. Apparently, election officials in Milwaukee had to call in extra workers to handle the crush there and other places in the city.

Who knows? You get these stories on election day. But if turnout is up significantly state-wide Walker could be in trouble. People interested in change are probably more likely to come out than those interested in the status quo.

The funny thing is that as much as I dislike Scott Walker, I don't like recall elections. Barring illegal activity, I'd prefer to see an elected official serve out the term. That's the implied deal when they run for office and we ought to, I believe, honor the agreement. The other thing is, "you live by the recall, you die by the recall." Do you really want a liberal executive or legislator to have to fight a recall every time the right doesn't like some progressive program? Typically conservatives love recalls because they don't want government to do anything and think most positive action is illegitimate. It makes it damn near impossible to govern for anybody.

I'm not saying I wouldn't have showed up today if I lived on Wisconsin. But I am saying I'd have wished I didn't have to.

(Cross-posted at Lippmann's Ghost.)

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