Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ryan budget proves Republicans love the rich, love screwing the middle class, and love thoroughly screwing the poor

By Michael J.W. Stickings

As Think Progress is reporting, studies by the congressional Joint Economic Committee and the non-partisan Tax Policy Center find that Paul Ryan's budget plan, which is Republican orthodoxy, would dramatically cut tax rates on the wealthy while basically screwing everyone else, especially the poor, with its heavily regressive approach to taxation and severe spending cuts.

Two things: 

1) This is yet further confirmation that the Republican Party is the party of plutocracy; that the Republican Party's primary domestic policy goal is the reduction of tax rates on the rich (while shifting the tax burden onto everyone else while also cutting core entitlement programs and essential services); and that the Republican Party's dominant philosophical force, even as it otherwise embraces theocracy, is Ayn Rand. 

2) This is a huge opening for President Obama and the Democrats, who should be able to make a compelling case that their opponents are all about advancing the profiteering interests of the 1%at the expense of the 99% -- and more broadly at the expense of the good of the country as a whole. Republicans will dishonestly claim that this is class warfare and that they're really about job creation and rewarding success, but the numbers, and their intentions, are clear.

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