Monday, June 18, 2012

Ann Romney: proletarian

It's good to see Ann Romney overplaying her hand. Yes, she has more personality than hubby Mitt. Who doesn't? But this little crack that she and Mitt wouldn't take as many overseas vacations as Barack and Michelle Obama should Romney become president is too precious.

For one thing, Barack Obama hasn't taken any foreign vacations, so Ann seems to be as good with the facts as her husband.

For another, yes, Ann, try to suggest that you and Mitt are just folks and that the only down time you need is time spent with your family. Look, you're filthy rich. I don't really care. But if you insist on making cute remarks that imply otherwise, you're going to screw up. You're going to start talking about how you "don't take overseas vacations because you own so many wonderful vacation properties in America," and things like that.

Just like Mitt, who doesn't understand why talking about his friendships with NASCAR team owners doesn't make him a good ol' boy, you'll start tripping over your own tongue too. It's inevitable.

I can't wait.

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