Friday, May 18, 2012

Rep. Mike Coffman tells supporters that "in his heart" President Obama is "just not an American"

No, I never mean what I say. I don't even listen to myself when I speak.

To my mind, there is little more disturbing than the kind of comments made recently by Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colorado) about President Obama. While discussing the issue of Obama's birthplace, he said that "in his heart, he's not an American."

The full comment, as reported by Fox 31 Denver, was: "I don't know whether Barack Obama was born in the United States of America. I don't know that. But I do know this, that in his heart, he's not an American. He's just not an American."

He later gave some bullshit apology, probably only because he had to. It seems that his district has been redrawn to include fewer Republicans and this kind of incendiary remark may not help him with more rational voters in the fall.

His Democratic opponent, State Rep. Joe Miklosa (D-Aurora) has already jumped on it, calling Coffman "Colorado's version of Rush Limbaugh."

I do understand that local races are different than national races, but if Republicans continue to give Democrats this kind of ammunition, this kind of Tea Party, hate-filled rhetoric, to use against them, this isn't even going to be close come November.

If you, you stupid Republicans, really want to gin up the Democratic base, keep on suggesting that liberals, and the leaders with whom they identify, are not really American. Please. Go there.

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