Sunday, May 13, 2012

NBC's David Gregory to be keynote speaker for right-wing pro-Republican organization

NBC's David Gregory, nowadays mostly of Republican-leaning Meet the Press fame, one of the Beltway media's most prominent figures, will be Tuesday's keynote speaker at the 2012 Small Business Summit, an event hosted by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) -- which, as Think Progress notes, is:

one of the Republican party's strongest allies. The group spent over $1 million on outside ads in the 2010 campaign — all of it backing Republican House and Senate candidates (and, Bloomberg News reported last month, "another $1.5 million that it kept hidden and said was exempt" from disclosure requirements). The group is the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against the Obamacare law and bankrolled state governments' challenges to the law. The NFIB has also taken stances against allowing the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases, opposing regulations on businesses, and supporting curtailing union rights.

So much for journalistic integrity. So much, as usual, for the "liberal" media.


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