Saturday, May 19, 2012

George W. Bush, the incredible shrinking president

Oh, great. Mitt Romney and George W. Bush had a chance to chat after Bush's "dramatic" elevator-door-closing endorsement with those unforgettable words: "I'm for Mitt Romney." They spoke via a telephone call in which Romney thanked Bush.

According to ABC News, the Romney campaign put out no official press release of Bush's support, "signalling that the former president still carries too much baggage to help the current GOP nominee with voters."

On the other hand, the Obama campaign was quick to make use of the endorsement with a fund-raising pitch arguing that Romney's economic policies would be the same as Bush's.

ABC News added that:

The day after Bush's impromptu plug, Romney didn't mention the former president's name once on the stump, even as he referred repeatedly to President Obama's "predecessor."

I wonder what the Romney-Bush phone call was like...

Mitt: Well, thanks for the kind words, George, but would you mind never mentioning my name ever again. In fact, it would be great if we could just forget we ever knew each other. Do you think we could do that?

George: You know, Mitt, I was the President of the United States for eight years.

Mitt: I realize that, but you'd be amazed how most Republicans have very nearly forgotten all about that. It's incredible really. We had an entire presidential nomination process and we were almost able to avoid any reference to you at all. If the Democrats would just play along, if would be like your presidency never happened. You'll admit that might be for the best.

George: If you think so. But I sure would like to go to the Republican convention. Maybe I could say a few words.

Mitt: We'll let you know.

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