Friday, May 18, 2012

Fox News poll has Obama leading Romney 46% to 39% nationally

By Richard K. Barry

Fox News released a poll on Wednesday. Here are some of the key findings: 

  • Obama has a 46% to 39% advantage over Romney at the moment. 
  • Among independents, 34% back Romney, 29% support Obama. A third are undecided or say they won't vote. Romney led by a 46% to 33% margin last month among independents. 
  • Women continue to be more likely to support Obama by a 55% to a 33% margin. Men support Romney by a 46% to 33% margin. 
  • Obama voters are much more like to say that they are satisfied with the candidate choice by a margin of 74% to 59%. 
  • Obama's current approval rating is 49% to 47% to the good. That's up from 45% approval to 51% disapproval three weeks ago. 
  • A range of responses suggest more people think the economy is improving. 
  • The prize for the weirdest question goes to "who would you rather have managing your personal finances, Romney or Obama?" Would you rather have the guy who made himself millions or the former law professor? Guess who won that one? 
  • The poll is based on 913 randomly chosen registered voters nation-wide. It was conducted May 13-15. Margin of error was plus or minus 3%.

What does it all mean? Very little in the short term. Come back in a few weeks and the numbers will probably be totally different.

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