Thursday, May 10, 2012

For a bunch of individualists, the right wing sure does like to tell people what to do

I thought this was the point.
On the theme of Obama's support for marriage equality, I was wondering what the dumbest right-wing response would be. There were so many to choose from, but I found my favourite at Gateway Pundit.

The blazing headline there read: "Obama Continues Attack on Christian Church -- Throws His Support Behind Gay Marriage."

Jesus Christ, are you kidding me?

I want to go on record that if anyone ever tries to force two Christian men to marry each other against their will or two Christian women to do the same, I will be the first to object. I agree, that just wouldn't be right. But if anyone is suggesting we shouldn't be allowed to do anything in America unless the "Christian Church" thinks it's okay, well, they can go shit in their hat (or some other colourful metaphor to signify disapproval).

I don't care what any Christian or any other practitioner of any religion wants to do in their life. That's fine. Just keep it away from me. Thank you.

The right-wing chattering class does keep my blood pumping.

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