Saturday, April 07, 2012

An important Easter message from the Rose City Park United Methodist Church

It seems that this particular sign, which appeared outside the Rose City Park United Methodist Church in Portland, Oregon, has gone viral. I'm always intrigued to read that something has gone viral. I'm not sure how one determines such a thing, but, apparently, it's true.

I will say that I like the sentiment and have been saying similar things for quite some time. I begrudge no one their belief in a supreme being or an interest in organized religion, much as I don't share either. If such beliefs actually make people kinder and more interested in the well-being of others, what a wonderful thing. But if it doesn't, who needs it? What, really, is the point?

Sadly, I have known more than a few who trundle off to church every Sunday, but see no contradiction in hating significant segments of the population based on race, creed, national origin, you name it.

The point is: more kindness, less hatered, however you come around to it.

It seems the church has been getting more positive than negative responses to the message by a rate of 30 to 1. And, according to a Huffington Post article:

An Internet poll of readers on The Blaze, a conservative website created in part by Glenn Beck, showed that, at time of writing, more than 69 percent of respondents agree with the statement, compared with 22 percent that disagree.

Perhaps there's hope for us.

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