Thursday, February 16, 2012

Whitney Houston and our fucked up priorities

UPDATE: And, seriously, lowering the flags in New Jersey? Ridiculous. You have fucked up priorities as well, Chris Christie, and not just with your anti-gay bigotry.


As you may have heard, Whitney Houston's funeral on Saturday will be broadcast on TV and the Web. No doubt it will be on CNN. (Could Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan be milking her death any more shamelessly, particularly the latter? Cooper, at least, seems to be a genuinely sincere guy, while Morgan is a smug, smarmy, dim-witted hack.)

In not unrelated news, a new study shows that five children die every minute as a result of malnutrition. (via)

This is exactly what I was getting at the other night in writing about Whitney's death and its coverage in the media.

And it's captured in this image someone sent me the other day -- share it, and do let me know if you know where it came from:

Yes, we do have our priorities all fucked up. And fucked up beyond any hope of fixing the problem -- and of dealing with the world's real problems.

(I would just note that the image significantly understates the problem. How many millions are crying over Whitney? And how many millions of children, how many millions of people generally, are dying?)

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  • It's really sad, I meant she has this great voice that I yearned for yet she choose to go down a spiral path. They said, we shouldn't speak ill of the dead, but sometimes the truth must be told. Whitney was a drug addict who refuse to stay sober and that is the facts. She will be remembered by her music and her drug addiction that cost her death, anyway R.I.P

    By Anonymous Eliza, at 10:42 AM  

  • The amount of coverage borders on the obscene

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:35 PM  

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