Monday, February 20, 2012

Ron Paul says it's "a losing position" for Republicans to focus on social issues

Ron Paul is wrong about most things, mostly because his extremist right-wing libertarianism is wrong about most things, but he's also right some of the time, specifically in defending civil liberties, criticizing American militarism, and exposing the inanity (and insanity) of so much of his party.

Yesterday, in an interview with CNN's Candy Crowley, we got to see it all (with the exception of the bigotry): the extremist states' rights (and anti-government) views but also a critique of the Republican obsession with wedge social issues like abortion and, recently, birth control. He's wrong to call Santorum's record liberal, but he's certainly right that the Republican focus on social issues is "a losing position."

So go ahead, Rick, wage your silly culture war. Make ridiculous attacks on the president. Whether it's you or Romney (who has to run hard to the right because you're such a threat to him), or someone else (who would have to appease the dominant social conservatism of your party), voters will reject this sort of crazy militancy at the polls in November.

Occasionally, Ron Paul knows what he's talking about.

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