Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Mitt Romney: Flip, flop, and fail

I know the pundits are still talking like there is some doubt about who the GOP presidential nominee is going to be. Of course, there isn't. Republicans are stuck with Mitt Romney and the funny thing is that the majority of them probably know they're stuck.

But whatever your politics, how could you possibly vote for a guy who has taken such well documented public positions on both sides of so many key issues?

Somebody went through the trouble of stringing together a bunch of clips of Romney contradicting himself on climate change, abortion, and health care - three issues fairly important to the conservative base, I'd say.

Again, left vs. right aside, how could anyone want to vote for this guy? How could anyone trust a word?

Mitt Romney stands for nothing but getting elected. Jon Huntsman was right. Romney is a well-lubricated weather vane shifting in the wind depending on the needs of the moment.

I know this is nothing new, but it's kind of jarring now that we know Romney is the one.

This is the best you've got? I don't imagine the GOP brain trust is getting a lot of sleep these days.

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