Monday, January 09, 2012

Todd Palin endorses Gingrich. And we should care because...?

The race for the Republican nomination for president has been nothing if not embarrassing to the GOP, not to mention to the rather less-than-stellar candidates themselves.

And today witnessed yet another low.

On the totem pole of endorsers, after all, Todd Palin makes even non-witch anti-masturbator Christine O'Donnell look respectable. (Check that. Todd's above COD. At least an endorsement from him can be interpreted as a signal of Sarah's thinking. An endorsement from COD means a crazy person likes you. But there's still little reason to care.)

Newt must be ecstatic.


Perhaps to his credit, Todd didn't criticize any of the other candidates. So why did he pick Newt?

Palin said he has not spoken to Gingrich or anyone from the former House speaker's campaign. But he said he respects Gingrich for what he went through in the 1990s and compared that scrutiny in public life to what Sarah Palin went through during her run for the vice presidency.


But Todd Palin did point to last summer, when a large portion of Gingrich's staff resigned and the candidate was left, largely by himself, to run the campaign.

Gingrich's ability to overcome the obstacle and still move up in the polls showed his ability to campaign and survive, according to Todd Palin, who said Gingrich is not one of the typical "beltway types" and that his campaign has "burst out of the political arena and touched many Americans."

In other words, because Newt is like Sarah. 

Yes, even when endorsing others, the Palins are self-aggrandizing egomaniacs.

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