Friday, January 20, 2012

Is Newt poised for a big win in South Carolina?


Via twitter: 

Gingrich led today's interviews in the PPP survey by 14 points. Could be headed for big win in SC. 

-- Nate Silver (@fivethirtyeight)

The world is a crazy place, and I defy anyone to make sense of it.

As Chait writes, we're witnessing the re-re-Newtening. And what fun it is.

Democrats for Newt! Let him feel our wind in his sails!

(Even if things are lined up nicely for Romney after this: FL, NV, ME, MI, etc. Even if Mitt has the money and organization to win it all. Even if the party elites will make sure he wins. And even if Newt will surely find some way to implode. You just never know, what with conservatives still looking for a way, any way, to stop Romney from being the nominee. Like it or not, Newt is their last hope.)


UPDATE: PPP has Newt up 37-28 over Mitt, with Santorum in third at 16 and Paul in fourth at 14. That's a pretty healthy lead.

Another Silver tweet: "There's a lot of disagreement in the SC polls so we cannot rule out a Romney upset. But also cannot rule out double-digit Newt win."

Predictably, Romney is lowering expectations on the eve of the vote. Quite the formidable frontrunner he is, eh?

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