Tuesday, November 01, 2011

What the hell's wrong with Rick Perry?

In case you missed it, this is from a speech Rick Perry gave in New Hampshire last Friday. (Enjoy it with your morning coffee/tea.)

Some are speculating that he was drunk. I have no idea. Maybe.

Whatever he was, sober or not, he doesn't appear to have been in his right mind, to the extent that he has a right mind.

He certainly wasn't presidential.

As Blue Texan wrote: "I've been watching the Secessionist up close for a number of years now and never seen him quite like this. Had one of the Texas Rangers he's traveling with administered a sobriety test after this speech — I'm pretty sure he would've flunked."

As Politico reported: "The Texas governor gave what can generously be described as an odd performance before the conservative group Cornerstone Action.

Odd. Bizarre. Call it what you want. For some time now I've been saying that Perry is on the way back, that he can get his campaign going again and challenge Romney for the nomination, that he's in a great position to unite the right.

Let's just say I'm having my doubts.

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