Monday, November 21, 2011

Sham? Wow!

By Carl
It seems clear that the SooperDooper Committee was set up as a delaying tactic by Republicans for one reason and one reason only: to salt the earth.

Talks in Washington aimed at cutting the US government's borrowing are on the verge of failure.

A special Congressional committee had been charged with finding $1.2tn (£762bn) in savings by Wednesday.

But the talks between Democrats and Republicans are widely reported in the US media to have collapsed, with a formal joint-statement to that effect expected later on Monday.

Meanwhile, the US national debt has just risen above $15tn (£9.5tn).

The "tell" in this is that there is a slate of automatic cuts to be made should the committee fail by Wednesday. Of course, no one expects those cuts to be made, and as Senator John McCain (R-AlZheimer's) said over the weekend, Congress made it, Congress can unmake it.

Along with the country, of course. Our debt ratings will collapse, and who will get the blame? Not Weaker Boener. Not Senator Mc-whatisface, but President Barack Obama. Anything to grab more power.

And there's the motive. It seems pretty clear that, based upon this story, as well as events at UC Davis over the weekend along with the memo revealed on UP with Chris Hayes on Saturday from John Boener's "personal" lobbying firm, there is a radical, concerted effort on the part of conservatives and their minions to tamp down any dissent from the corporate Republican line that everything is peachy keen except anything liberals have put their hands on, which is everything.


But hey, there's a clown car!

That's not to say this isn't a real terror plot, but note some curious things about this story:

1) It was broken by the NYPD, and not the FBI who presumably were apprised at SOME point in this "two year investigation" culminating with the arrest of Jose Pimentel.

2) A far more important terror story hit the airwaves today, but you might have missed it in all the hoopla from Mayor Mike's office: an actual, SUCCESSFUL terror attack against an American city on November 8. 

Mayor Mike, who has been front and center in America's War Against Its Children, managed to manipulate the timing of his story of a potential plot to hit the airwaves just in time to deflect at least some attention from the truly terrible doings in Davis and Illinois.  

But hey, much more important to pepper spray college kids, right?
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