Friday, October 21, 2011

Top Ten Cloves: Possible reasons Muammar Qaddafi is not being buried at sea

10. Secret plan to just dump him in Zuccotti Park, and blame OWS crowd.

9. Can't find a Sea that will take him.

7. Not sure if there were enough front-page death photos to warrant it.

6. Conflict with the World Series.

5. Everybody too busy reading new Bio on Steve Jobs.

4. Waiting to see if Groupon issues a discount coupon for it.

3. Negotiating with Will Ferrell to do a cheap dramatization of it.

2. Talking with the Head of The Charles Regatta, to see if they can handle it.

1. President Obama has already used up his "Frequent-Burial-At-Sea" miles for the year.


Bonus Riffs

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