Friday, July 15, 2011

Rick Perry, neo-Confederate nationalist?

We've known for some time that Texas Gov. Rick Perry, "social conservative" darling and possible addition to the 2012 GOP presidential race, is something of a Texan nationalist who has suggested that Texas could, and perhaps should, try to secede.

But it seems that he has also maintained extremely close relations with neo-Confederate nationalist groups generally. Check out this report at Salon's War Room. It's not just an isolated incident here and there, it's a sustained effort to maintain that relationship, and these groups have responded by showing their unflinching support throughout his political career.

Read the piece for all the sordid details.

As Steve M. asks, "This is the GOP's great, er, white hope?" It would seem he might very well be. Which says a lot about the Republican Party and what it's really all about these days.

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