Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Top Ten Cloves: Other Pope Tweets

By J. Thomas Duffy

News Item: Pope sends first tweet, launching new Vatican site

10.  Can't wait to see Transformers 3 ...

  9.  Anybody know how to upload some pics to FB? ... Shitass things won't take ...

  8.  Don't know bout this writer, but we doin fabulous with deals from Groupon ... Got this badass iPad with bomb of a discount!

  7.  Who looks better in his shorts, me or that Weiner guy?

  6.  Tell the Egyptians to "Get A Life!"

  5.  Follow Me! ... I want to make a run at Lady Gaga this month, for tops!

  4.  WTF NY? ... We'll have to reach out to our boy Pat Robertson, see if he can conjure up a hurricane or tornado ...

  3.  Here's a "Shout Out" to my boys in Philly ... Hang tough, we'll all get thur this (and use the Woodstock thing, it's the bomb)

  2.  I don't know about you, but I would $$ to see Bachmann and Palin mud wrestle!

  1.  Hey ChrisF on Haypi Kingdom, I'm cummin' after U MFer! ... U stole my crops!

Bonus Riffs

Blessed be thy tweeters: Pope issues praise in fewer than 140 characters

Know Thy Pope

Retro Garlic: "We Got An Eight-Page Layout With Viceroy ... The New Pope Is A Thinking Man ..."

Vatican Discounts "Bonfire Pope"; Says Flames "Not Hunched Over Enough"

Top Ten Cloves: Things The Vatican Has Done To Make Good Friday Even Better

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