Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rand Paul's thug has his day in court

By Richard K. Barry 

Here's an interesting update on a post I wrote back in October. You may recall that a Rand Paul campaign worker stomped on the head of liberal activist Lauren Valle, who was engaged in a bit of peaceful political theatre at a campaign event during the Kentucky senate race, which, of course, Paul eventually won.

It seems the perpetrator of the violence, some jerk by the name of Tim Proffit, will serve probation and pay medical expenses stemming from the assault.

According to a piece in Roll Call:

Profitt acknowledged that prosecutors had enough evidence to win a conviction but he didn't admit guilt, according to Assistant Fayette County Attorney Jackie Alexander. He will undergo unsupervised probation for a year and pay $600 for Valle's medical bills.

Valle was posing outside the debate as a representative of RubliCorp, a fake company invented by the liberal group to criticize Republican ties to corporate America. She had been trying to give Paul a RepubliCorp employee of the month "award" when she was confronted.

It seems to me that Mr. Proffit got off easy. The right is all for law and order as long it doesn't involve their transgressions, I suppose.

I don't intend to rank the significance of various forms of violence, but there is little that pisses me off more than violence committed against people engaged in non-violent political speech. There is no way that the punishment here is appropriate considering the actions of this bastard.

Give me a break.

To refresh your memory, here's some footage from the incident:

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