Sunday, June 26, 2011

Petula Clark takes it "Downtown"

Music on Sunday @ The Reaction

Weekends are for nostalgia, at least for me. On Saturday nights I can frequently be found surfing Youtube videos for songs long forgotten by most.

Last night I happened upon a clip of Petula Clark singing one of her biggest hits, "Downtown."

I must admit that back in the day I had a rather large crush on Ms. Clark, but who wouldn't? Look at that face. Now, I should also confess that I was awfully young to be having a crush an anyone when this song was released, but it's true nonetheless - color me precocious.

"Downtown" was a hit for her in 1965. It was written by Tony Hatch and, apparently, composed with The Drifters in mind. I did not know that, though that would have been interesting. Something else I didn't know is that Clark re-recorded "Downtown" in 1976 with a disco beat. Oh well, no one's perfect.

Anyway, I love the original and, you will agree, she looks absolutely smashing in this clip, which, as an example of early music videos, is quite the period piece.

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  • Great post. I also get nostalgic on the weekends.

    My mother looks so much like Petula Clark, even today, that they could be sisters. I look nothing like either one, but when I was a child, I thought their resemblance was so cool. I still do, and still love Clark's music.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:30 PM  

  • That's nice. There are so many great songs to choose from: "Don't Sleep in the Subway," "A Sign of the Times,"I know a Place." There are some really wonderful videos for these songs too. I could have picked any of them.

    By Blogger Richard K. Barry, at 5:28 PM  

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