Monday, May 02, 2011

Proof at last.

By Capt. Fogg

Yes, Osama is no more, other than a few pieces of him taken back for DNA test purposes. It's not official however until Donald Trump explains to us just how he forced the President into it and the Tea Party arrives at a consensus on just what the best way to throw it in Obama's face as a scandal might be. Osamagate, if you will. The order was given on April 29th. Had a more competent president given that order, it would obviously have been carried out much more quickly and cheaper, reduced the debt and created more jobs.

One thing is already certain. The Body of Osama bin Laden was, as we're told, disposed of with respect to Islamic custom which demands a quick burial. So there you have it at last: Barack Obama respects Islam because, as his long form birth certificate stated before it was Linkphotoshopped out, he is a Muslim himself.

And curse him for not respecting the SEALS by sending them into harm's way and attempting a military action without consulting the Tea Party, the Tyrant!

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And of course at this moment, Fox News is interviewing Dick Cheney who reassures anyone who might be lured into believing that the president should be given any credit for anything positive, that the "groundwork" for the raid on Abbotabad was laid by George W. Bush.

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