Saturday, May 14, 2011

No 2012 presidential run for Mike Huckabee

Former Arkansas governor, current Fox News star, fundamentalist preacher, "Christian Zionist," anti-gay bigot, Obama-conspiracy-theory spinner, single-mother hater, and Chuck Norris Republican Mike Huckabee announced this evening that he will not -- repeat: NOT! -- be running for president in 2012.

His heart just isn't into it. Or so he says.

He could perhaps have been a formidable candidate in an embarrassingly weak Republican field, and he certainly could have challenged for right-wing social conservative support against Newt Gingrich and (relatively) more moderate figures like Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty, but at the same time he may not have enough anti-government, anti-tax cred to appeal to the Tea Party.

His heart may or may not be into it, but I suspect he took a look at his chances and found them wanting. 

Which means he can stay at Fox, rake in the money, prepare for the Rapture, and do shit like this.

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  • Honestly, Michael, I'm shocked. He's one of only two substantive Republican hopefuls (Mitt Romney being the other), but the Arkansas Guv just bailed?

    Am I rash to conclude Republicans grasp they can't win in 2012? It's almost as if dear Obamabi wanders around mindlessly, like a beast the machine can't beat.

    By Anonymous toma, at 7:05 AM  

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