Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chasing Sarah

This past weekend, our national treasure -- S-Pal -- visited Washington, D.C., to kick off her grifter bus tour.

To add some spice, the hot tamale of American politics kept all her fans -- and the press corps -- guessing where she would go. There were hints she would be here, there, and everywhere.

And the Washington media, never getting enough to cover America's sweetheart, was chasing S-Pal all over the place. From The Huffington Post:

On Sunday, Palin entered Washington on the back of a Harley-Davidson in a war veterans' motorcycle parade that is part of the Memorial Day weekend observance in the capital.  Rumors, then Twitter messages, then posts on her website showed Palin had also visited sites in and near Washington -- the National Archives, where the U.S. Constitution is on display, and Baltimore's Fort McHenry, where the "rockets' red glare" described in the national anthem took place.  A photo on her website late on Sunday showed the closing words of the Gettysburg Address delivered by President Abraham Lincoln after the 1863 battle. That was taken as a hint.

The crack journalists at Dcap Media caught the Washington pundits Chasing Sarah around town:

And we wonder why the country is going off a cliff. Instead of discussing real problems, the U.S. media is running around like a bunch of Keystone Kops chasing a woman who will cause a helluva lot more problems than she is worth.

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