Monday, April 04, 2011

The Donald

Wait, Trump's just in it for himself, for TV ratings and the limelight he so craves?

Say it ain't so!


Not to pick on this particular Times piece, nor on the Times, but come on. Did we ever think Trump wasn't in it for himself? No matter what he's done, from the casinos to the airline to the TV shows to the hotels to the USFL to... well, to anything and everything with the Trump name on it or in any way attached to it, it's always been about The Donald.

And he isn't going to run for president in 2012 or ever. It ain't happenin'. He craves the limelight, but he wants to control it, and he wouldn't be able to control it were he to run, and a hell of a lot would come out that he'd rather keep hidden.

This is all just a massive sham. The Times should know that. We all should know that.

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