Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wisconsin Has The Sickly Stench of Dairy Air

By Carl
On the one hand, I'm kind of glad the Republicans were dopey enough to decouple this provision from the overall budget bill and force an up or down vote on it. Now we know precisely who to put up against the wall and shoot.
Electorally speaking, of course.
On the other hand, the foul stench of cowward-shit permeates the air over Wisconsin like the stench of stale vomit after a Packers' game.
By the way, FreeSpeechTV has a live feed of the crowded capitol building in Madison. While you're there, throw them a buck or two in thanks.
Here's what I recommend the activists in Wisconsin do: there's no point in picketing Walker's office. Or his house. Or the Koch Brothers.
What needs to be done is to disrupt smaller-yet-important donors to the Republicans in the legislature: set up picket lines in front of the banks and corporations, find the houses of the managers of those firms and start disrupting their private lives. Make it hell to get to the car or the garage or the dry cleaner. Follow them around, bullhorns loud and proud and ready. Make their neighbors hate them.
Unions fought hard for the things we workers take for granted, like an eight hour work day and a five day work week. Let's not take them for granted anymore.
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