Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In Michigan, Gov. Rick Snyder's popularity plummets as he attacks labor unions

In Michigan, Governor (and would-be autocrat) Rick Snyder is deeply unpopular, not least because he has pulled a Scott Walker and attacked labor unions (and working people generally):

Last November, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) won a decisive 18 point victory in his race for the governor's mansion. Yet after less than three months of draconian budget proposals and unconstitutional assaults on collective bargaining, Snyder is hurting. A new poll finds that Snyder would lose his election if it were held today, and that a strong plurality of the state would support amending the state constitution to prevent Snyder from continuing his anti-union agenda:

Snyder's also earned the ire of the voters because of the perception that he's targeting collective bargaining rights. 59% of folks in Michigan think that public employees should have the right to collective bargaining while only 32% are opposed, and 49% of voters even favor a state constitutional amendment to guarantee collective bargaining rights while 37% are opposed to such a measure. While union households are obviously the most supportive of collective bargaining, nonunion households support it by a 53/39 margin as well so the voters Snyder is antagonizing on this issue go beyond who you might expect.

It's hard to see how anti-labor politics would ever go over well in Michigan of all places, but Snyder's clear overreach, against an overwhelming majority of the electorate (an electorate that has a long and distinguished union history and that has suffered some of the worst consequences of the Great Recession), shows just how extremist and out of touch Republicans are these days, both in that state and elsewhere. 

And now the people of Michigan, assaulted by their Republican governor (whom far too many trusted to be not this extreme, evidence of widespread delusion), may go so far as to try to amend the state constitution to safeguard their rights. They should have known better at the ballot box when they voted Republican, but this may be the only way to ensure that right-wing efforts to dismantle democracy, which won't end with Snyder, are blocked for good.

Well, another way is to vote Snyder and his Republican allies out of office at the first opportunity. Let's hope Michigan doesn't repeat its recent electoral errors.

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  • Snyder's attack on collective bargaining must stop.

    When was the last time Michigan legistlators received a pay cut. Why isn't Snyder requesting a 20% reduction in their pay.

    How does Michigan move forward with Snyder's draconian cuts in public education?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:53 PM  

  • Recall him. He campaigned on no tax hikes. He's going after the old, schools are still shutting down, he's handing control to "emergency committees". Sounds like fascism, not socialism. Ran the movie, job=creating industry out. This guy is a proven liar. I feel totally duped and betrayed. Forget Michigan again, go ahead, cash in like everybody else.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 5:30 AM  

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