Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sarah Palin: "I am not going to shut up."

(All she's doing now, in defending herself by being aggressively partisan, is trying to avoid taking any responsibility for doing anything at all that might have contributed to the right-wing culture of violence that pervades American society and provided the context for the Arizona shooting. And, typically, she's making it all about herself, even a tragic event. But what credibility does she have outside of her circle of minions and a dwindling number of worshippers? She's been exposed again, and her political "star" is fading fast.)

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  • I'd love to think that this empty headed bimbo's fifteen minutes were about up, but to tell you the truth I think she's even more dangerous than ever before. The media has cooled to her, but her fanbase and most her most rabid supporter (Rush) are still singing her praises. She feeds on the "me against the liberal world" dynamic, and all criticism gives her ammo.
    I think we dismiss this woman at our own risk. She is a valid threat to our nation, and needs serious and continual opposition and vetting.

    By Blogger squatlo, at 2:44 PM  

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