Thursday, December 02, 2010

My general state of mind

By Creature

Obviously, I haven't been blogging lately, but I did have the time today to write an email about my state of mind and what's irking me. So, here goes, for what it's worth:

I’m having a hard time dealing with politics right now. The mere fact that these GOP bastards are going to the mat for the top 2% (proving they are true deficit hypocrites, I mean we’re talking $800 billion added to the deficit here), while at the same time blocking an unemployment extension (the best and purest form of stimulus-—not to mention people will suffer) has me enraged. At the same time all our ball-less president can do is repeat his happy bi-partisan bullshit (while they stab him in the back). The only one with balls in this whole thing is Nancy Pelosi.

If I had the money I would gladly pay more taxes to help. However, the key here is that I’d still get a break up to 250K. Everyone still gets the break (even the billionaires), just not over 250K. It would be one thing if the GOP didn’t say all they care about is the deficit, but that is their mantra and they are prepared to blow a giant hole in it. Hell, it's two wars, Medicare Part D, the Bush tax cuts, and a collapsing economy that got us in this HUGE hole to begin with and they take no responsibility for any of it. Also, their line about not taxing “job creators” is total bull. I loathe them and the feckless Democrats who enable them. I’m this close to checking out and not voting again.

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  • We have to hold their feet to the fire! The last thing America needs right now is a leftist progressive movement willing to step aside and abandon the field to the Merchants of Evil who've just taken power. If anything, we need to suck it up and be the bastards of their nightmares. Remind them at every turn how they BROUGHT THIS CRISIS ON US IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE!
    I'm sorry, I just don't get "giving up" as a viable option to watching idiots on parade.
    There is too much at stake for too many good people for us to just roll over and grease up for the screw.
    I'd rather go down screaming than submit quietly. Guess I'm a lousy victim...

    By Blogger squatlo, at 5:11 PM  

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