Thursday, December 16, 2010

House passes DADT repeal. Not that it matters or anything.

Well, the Senate may be paralyzed by Republican obstructionism and the stupid filibuster rule, but at least the House passed DADT repeal.

That's something, even if Republicans opposed it. (Presumably because they hate gays. How else to explain support for a bigoted policy rejected by an overwhelming majority of the American people and that the military itself opposes?)

Something that will result in nothing, though, because the Senate isn't about to budge, even if Democrats almost have the 60-vote supermajority needed for repeal (that is, to overcome the GOP's filibustering). As John Cole observes:

Now we get to sit around and wonder what kind of bullshit excuses Scott Brown, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Joe Manchin, and the other "moderates" come up with to block the bill.

Ain't democracy a gas?

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