Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Barack Obama and the War on Christmas

Photo from The Globe and Mail: "US President Barack Obama gives a high-five to a girl named Malia, like his daughter, after reading the book Twas the Night Before Christmas, to students at Long Branch Elementary School in Arlington, Virginia, during a surprise visit."

Christmas? Christmas?! 

What the hell is the president of the United States doing reading Christian propaganda to a group of easily-indoctrinated kids? Isn't he a Muslim? Or a Marxist? Or a godless liberal? Isn't he on our side?

How are we supposed to win this war if Obama himself is fighting for the theocrats?

And you conservatives out there, you've long suspected Obama of being a Khmer Rouge-style re-educator. How do you feel now that he's on your side? Happy?

You should be. Next thing you know Obama will go to church on Christmas and claim to be a man of faith.


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