Monday, November 08, 2010

NYT comes out against Pelosi as Minority Leader

By Creature

While I'm fully on board with Pelosi being Minority Leader, I do agree with the NYT on this point:

What they need is what Ms. Pelosi has been unable to provide: a clear and convincing voice to help Americans understand that Democratic policies are not bankrupting the country, advancing socialism or destroying freedom.

If Ms. Pelosi had been a more persuasive communicator, she could have batted away the ludicrous caricature of her painted by Republicans across the country as some kind of fur-hatted commissar jamming her diktats down the public’s throat. Both Ms. Pelosi and Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, are inside players who seem to visibly shrink on camera when defending their policies, rarely connecting with the skeptical independent voters who raged so loudly on Tuesday.

Both leaders made horrible spokespeople, but, then again, I haven't really seen any Democrat out there doing any better (Barney Frank being the exception). Pelosi deserves to keep her leadership role, mainly because I trust no one else to fight like mad for the gains achieved.

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