Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The emergence of the PEA Party

PEA Party = Palin Endorsed Americans

From Nick Wing in the "liberal" rag Huffington Post:

Palin divvied out 57 total endorsements of House, Senate, and governor candidates in the run up to the midterm elections. Ten of these candidates lost their primary battles during rather paltry first few rounds of endorsements, leaving 47 to face voters on election day. Now, with most of the final races finally wrapping up, however, Palin has put forth a rather impressive performance, showing off a ratio of 27 wins to 15 losses (five races such as Alaska Senate and Minnesota Governor, as well as some smaller congressional races are still awaiting official results).

Palin ass-kisser Miller in Alaska is a goner (and she will end up with mortal enemy Lisa Murkowski). But lets go with the current status. Wing claims a record 27-15 for this election. I think Mr. Wing flunked his math SATs. Based solely on his own information Palin's electoral win-loss record is 27-25 with 5 undecided, which is 52%, or about 50/50. As I said, the Alaska Senate is probably a loser for her. So that would make the win-loss a count of 27-26. For argument's sake, I will chalk the 4 remaining races as wins for the half-term quitter, taking her stellar record to 31-26 or 54%. That probably wouldn't even make the playoffs. There is a distinct possibility she could end up with a losing record in an election which the Republicans are probably winning over 60% of all contested races.

Some king maker. More like a shit sandwich maker.

Paul the Octupus -- who is dead -- could have picked as many winners. A pig throwing lipsticks containers at a dartboard would do just as well. Flipping a coin 57 times would be just as likely to end up with the same record. A chart of random numbers could have done better than her.  I would have better luck on the Pass Line with Sharron Angle as croupier.

Despite her mediocre record, the punditoria, (led by old white men who enjoyed an evening of free-flowing testosterone), was falling over themselves in the quest to be the first to call Palin the most influential politician in America. (Never mind the comments about her new boner-inducing hairstyle -- one that I am positive is hiding spiders and snakes). Palin handicapping might be a fun sport for the TV crowd -- but it is kind of hard to take seriously a bunch of "journalists" who treat every tweet and Facebook post from the False Princess as a valuable piece of news. In a very twisted way, it is fun to watch an entire industry fall into a pile of moose dung.

The Palinbaggers have NO idea who or what they voted for or against. They just listen to the whiney voice moron and like the good lemmings they are -- they follow. They would have voted for Eva Braun or LIzzie Borden if she deemed it.  This is a crowd more concerned with sitting at the cool lunch table with the popular girls than with actually fixing the country.

The puditoria might think Palin is the ultimate king maker. To the people living on planet Earth - she's a reality show star who lost the 2008 VP election, quit her elected job as governor for financial gain, and cannot name one Supreme Court case. How is her endorsement of 57 people running for political office supposed to be relevant? If producing testosterone was the only requirement for political expertise -- I bet they could get Marion Jones or Mark McGwire a lot cheaper -- and be just as accurate.  And have a whole lot more brains on the panel.

Sarah Palin is the political world's Zsa Zsa Gabor -- famous for being famous.

Like the brilliant strategy of saying crazy things and then apologizing -- I think using Palin as the mouthpiece of the GOP (PEA bagger verison) is just as ingenious. Folks like Rove, Romney, Barbour and probably even Gingrich pretend to like and respect her because they know she drives intelligent people crazy.

No one understands the attraction -- but it is know that chemical hormones in the bloodstream cause some very bizarre behaviors. They just can't understand the appeal. The Palin-as-rock-star is not much different than Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen - except Lindsay isn't endorsing 57 candidates. But I would bet Sarah and Todd have trashed a few hotel rooms in their day.

I have an idea for the Democrats - hire the Great Palini to endorse candidates -- and then pick the opposite. With a Democratic record of 40% yesterday -- Nanook of the North's impeccable skills at seeing into the future can only mean an improvement for them.

I have said many times I think Sarah Palin is probably the worst thing that has ever happened to the political process of this country -- worse than Bush, worse than Reagan, worse than Nixon -- and even worse than Joe McCarthy. There has never been in the 235 year history of the U.S. someone so utterly worthless becoming so ridiculously famous. She is a phenom -- the ultimare star of selfishness, racism, evil, and ignorance.

In the end, it's not at all clear how much her endorsement helped (or hurt) those candidates, given the fact all of her "peeps" had wall-to-wall Fox propaganda and huge amounts of corporate money backing them up. In all likelihood, they would have won without her endorsement, probably by bigger margins. But she clearly lost the senate. Supporting crackpots like Angle, Buck, Fiorina, Raese, O'Donnell, and Miller would not be something the party powers wanted.

That the pundits seem to overlook.

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  • Enjoyed your blog, I could not have said it better. I told my wife there should be a PEA party "Palined Enough Already", and I thought someone must have come up with this before. So I googled PEA Party and saw your PEA PARTY "Palin Endorsed Americans" and I also like that idea. My wife told me she had heard "we should no longer call people retarded". So I said "what should we call them REPUBLICANS"?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:22 AM  

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