Friday, November 19, 2010

Do Spaniards really have orgasms when they vote?

This is hilarious:

Spanish politicians have criticised a video by the Young Socialists in Catalonia in which a woman simulates an orgasm while casting her vote.

Both Socialist and opposition politicians have attacked the campaign video.

The equality minister called it "misleading" advertising.

In the video the young woman gets increasingly excited as she votes for the Socialist Party in this month's regional elections in Catalonia.

It concludes with the phrase, "Voting is a pleasure", after she puts her voting slip in the ballot box.

The leader of the conservative opposition Popular Party of Catalonia, Alicia Sanchez-Camacho, said the video was an "attack on the dignity of women".

The health minister, Leire Pajin, who is a Socialist, called on all parties to show respect for women and to act responsibly.

The Socialist equality minister, Bibiana Aido, said of the video: "If it was true, electoral participation would go up greatly, but I think we are dealing with a misleading advert."

Really? Really?!

Isn't Spain the Land of Almodóvar? Don't Spaniards have a sense of humour?

Of course it's "misleading." It's supposed to be! Well, sort of. It's a political ad, that's all. And a pretty funny one. Do these oh-so-serious critics really take it that seriously? Obviously, yes. But all it's saying is that you, you Spanish voter, should vote Socialist. And that you'll take great pleasure in doing so.

What's the Spanish word for metaphor?

And... an "attack on the dignity of women"? Please. That's just stupid.

Of course, it's a conservative who said that, a conservative who presumably has never gotten the message that the age of female repression is over (or should be, particularly, post-Franco, in a progressive country like Spain). But I suppose conservatives over there are a bit like conservatives in the U.S. and think that women were better off, and more "dignified" when they were being theocratically oppressed.

Whatever. It's an amusing and actually fairly mild ad, and you have to be a self-righteous idiot not to get it. Here, watch for yourselves:

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  • Clearly women'n orgasms are only acceptable when they are for a man.

    But seriously, this is an interesting intersection of ideas. I typically am one who opposes women's performance of "sexuality" being used to sell or promote anything. But this is meant to be funny--it isn't titilating at all. While women in the US spend so much time and money trying on fitting the heteronormative ideal about what women should be, when young women would still rather be sexy than smart, I wonder how much could be accomplished for women if standards of "sexy" stopped being the opiate of the female masses and we used that money and energy to advocate for women's issues.

    And in this ad we have a women doing both--experiencing sexual pleasure (with no man in sight), and being politically active--indeed, she does them both with one "gesture." I kinda like it.

    By Blogger lindabeth, at 11:38 PM  

  • I agree, LB. While we're not likely to see an ad like this featuring a man, there really isn't any sexist objectification here. It's utterly self-aware and just plain funny.

    By Blogger Michael J.W. Stickings, at 2:34 AM  

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