Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sharp as a pistol

By now everyone has heard about the Rand Paul supporter who stomped all over the protester. In keeping with their Brownshirt tactics, this teabagger (and Republican) wants an apology from the woman he stomped on.

Luckily for the teabaggers, Rand Paul found a way to make a buck on this -- by turning it into a Broadway Show and releasing a soundtrack.

The t'bags from Bluegrass
Sure do have a bad ass
When they do the Rand Paul Stomp
They're really somethin
As they do their thumpin
All over dem lib'rals
When they do the Rand Paul Stomp

Whoa, whoa they start a baggin' near election night
They kick and shove those that are not right
Well, it's the latest show for the media to see

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