Monday, October 18, 2010

Lindsey Graham, full of shit

Look, there's just no other way to put this. Lindsey Graham is full of shit.

On CBS's Face the Nation yesterday, the South Carolina Republican senator said that President Obama is "turning his agenda over to the most liberal people in the House" and accused the president of taking over "most of society."

This is standard Republican propaganda, of course -- and of course it's utterly wrong.

What exactly in Obama's agenda reflects the views of, or is controlled by "the most liberal people in the House"? Health-care reform without a public option? No climate legislation with a price on carbon? No repeal of DADT? The Wall Street and auto industry bailouts? The escalation of the Afghan War?

And as for Obama's supposed takeover of society -- evidence?

Like I said, Graham is full of shit.

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