Thursday, October 07, 2010

Dear Christine O'Donnell. You're not us. You're a liar and a fool and a repressed, self-denying puritan.

Christine "I'm not a witch" O'Donnell:

I've put my name on the line. And I've taken a lot of hits... a lot of character assassination.

Oh, yes, so much, so very, very much...

Actually, you know you have problems when the truth, the accumulation of more and more facts about you, more and more evidence about who you are, amounts to "character assassination."

No one has made this shit up -- not the Democrats, not the media, not the many people (like me) who think she's insane. She's done what she's done and said what she's said and she has no one to blame but herself. (She says she's "matured," but all she's done is become a more focused and more partisan extremist.)

If there's character assassination going on -- and your character is either assassinated or not, there can't be more or less assassination -- it's been completely self-inflicted.

Like all those masturbators she wants to help, she's fucked herself again and again.

And now, under the microscope of a campaign getting national attention, it's all coming back to take her down.


Here, by the way, is her second TV ad. (The first was the "I'm not a witch" one -- Carl wrote about it here.) To me, it's another embarrassing failure. And an unintentionally amusing one.

She begins by saying, "I didn't go to Yale." Which is true, but she's repeatedly lied about her education, and all this does is bring all that up again.

Hey, Christine, you didn't go to Oxford or Princeton or Claremont either. That's not character assassination, that's the truth.

The theme of the ad is, "I'm you." Yes, it's the populist card. But most of us masturbate, don't we? And most of us aren't this stupid. It's just shameless pandering along the lines of Sarah Palin's anti-elitist nonsense. Even National Review's Jim Geraghty thinks it's a "misstep."

Anyway, amuse yourself...


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