Thursday, September 16, 2010

Roger Waters: The Wall

It's been a crazy busy last few days -- and, for me, simply amazing. First Pittsburgh over the weekend for the Steelers game, then a fantastic restaurant (Origin, a funky tapas place owned by a truly great chef, Claudio Aprile, the genius behind Colborne Lane, the best restaurant in Toronto) for dinner Tuesday evening, then...

Roger Waters -- The Wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got home. It was AWESOME. I suppose I expected nothing less, but it seemed to surpass expectations nonetheless. It was deeply moving at times, with its anti-war message, and also mind-bogglingly transcendent -- as it always is with "Comfortably Numb." My wife and I took our 10-year-old daughter. She was skeptical going in, but she came away, I think, transformed. Yes, it was that good. (And the first show of the world tour -- we'll be going to see him again in Buffalo next month.)

And now I must get to bed. I'll get back to blogging later today.

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