Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stop digging

By Creature

I will vote a straight Democratic ticket come November. Hell, I may even do it enthusiastically. But, the condescension coming from the president and his people towards the left needs to stop. It's one thing to try to motivate, it's another thing to not recognize (or at least acknowledge) why the left is legitimately unhappy.

For more depth, see Michael's post below.

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  • The whole hippie-punching thing coming out of the White House lately is getting real old and tired. It's too the point where it's really going to start pissing off the ones that stand the most chance of being there for them, now and in future. Besides which, it's a strategy that's not likely to help them win over more of the middle.

    Bruce Miller at The Blue Voice, writing the same post as yours, only using more verbiage: "I CAN’T STAND YOU, NOW GO VOTE FOR ME"

    By Blogger repsac3, at 4:49 PM  

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