Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Obama fatigue

By Creature

Sure I'm disappointed in the way Obama's first two years have played out, and yes he is to blame for some of that, but it's the crazy coming from the other side that really has me down (and probably is why I'm having a hard time blogging lately). As Digby explains, it's Clinton fatigue all over again. Hell, part of the reason I didn't support Hillary in the primaries was simply because I couldn't live through the crazy of the '90s all over again. Yet here we are, only more so, and I'm exhausted.

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  • It's hardly the President's fault, though, that Republican'ts insist on re-running the 1990s, complete with government shutdowns, legislative brinksmanship, and possible impeachment hearings. The GOP hasn't learned a damn thing since Gingrich tried to launch his coup against President Clinton. We're going to go through it all over again, if the Republican'ts win much new power next year.

    As President Obama has so accurately remarked, the GOP doesn't have it in itself to endorse progress or new ways of thinking. "You have to put the car in 'D' to go forward," Obama told a town hall audience this last summer, "and put it in 'R' if you want to go in reverse." Republican'ts promise--at the top of their lungs--a return to do-nothing governance. I suspect that the results will also be very like what we saw in the '90s--voters turned off by GOP antics, infighting, and incompetence, and a Democratic president once more being re-elected easily as a result.


    By Blogger J. Kingston Pierce, at 10:08 PM  

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