Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Newt and Dinesh, crazy together

"Why is Gingrich pushing Dinesh D'Souza's crazy theory about Obama's 'Kenyan anti-colonialism'?" Because, as the title of David Weigel's Slate piece helpfully explains, "Newt is Nuts!"

And so is Dinesh, of course, who's pushing yet more unfounded idiocy in his new book, The Roots of Obama's Rage, just as he has in everything he's ever written. It's like he's desperate to shock, desperate for attention, and desperate to be accepted as one of the leading conservative minds of the day. Writes Weigel, "D'Souza was the first modern conservative author to discover -- the hard way -- that if you want to be a pundit, there is no downside to making a reprehensible argument." Needless to say, countless many on the right have followed in his footsteps.

And it's all ridiculous nonsense -- as if Obama can be explained away, written off, as an angry, bitter, Marxist anti-colonial (and hence, in D'Souza's view, as a radical anti-American leftist).

Newt is full of such bullshit himself. It's hardly any wonder these two are linked together in common cause, both crazy to the core.

(For more, see Mustang Bobby's post from yesterday, which suggests that Gingrich is "insanely jealous" of Obama.)

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