Thursday, September 16, 2010

Elizabeth Warren

By Creature

I'm going to come out of my blogging shell to praise President Obama for naming Elizabeth Warren to his team with a mandate to effectively run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Not only did he pick the best person to get the agency running, he's bypassing the mess that is the Senate appointment process. Strike one up for enthusiasm there. And, while I'm here, FU Senator Dodd. You and your Wall Street, bought-and-paid-for bluster can take a hike. Enjoy your retirement.

Update: Yves Smith thinks this appointment is a way to sideline Warren. While Jonathan Cohn was skeptical too until Barney Frank put him in his place:

Frank is also convinced that Warren wouldn't take the job if she didn't have all of the authority she needed. When I expressed some more skepticism, he chastised me for being a whiny liberal who can't accept good news when it's in front of me.

That's good enough for me.

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