Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Terrorists win! Terrorist's win!

By Capt. Fogg

It's hard to say they didn't and their victory has nothing to do with the incompetence that let Osama bin Laden escape from Afghanistan. What can you call it but a victory when we've borrowed and wasted trillions on wars that we simply can't afford and we've been torn apart politically and culturally to the point where we will defend the indefensible, accept the unacceptable and every passing cloud seems like a piece of the sky falling.

Nearly nine years after the attacks on New York and Washington, the World Trade Center towers have become like the relics of some saint to be preserved in myth if not in a jar while the contrived phrase "they hate us for our freedoms" echoes in mockery. One by one, the freedoms we pretend are a reason for their resentment are put against a wall and shot -- by us.

Any war, just or unjust, aggressive or defensive, necessary or the result of lies, is a test of the freedoms of speech and of the press. This alleged war has been a test of freedom from unreasonable searches as well, but now even freedom of religion is being tested both in the legislature and by the propaganda organizations with seemingly unlimited money, power and influence over the rage addled minds of the public. The millions of riders on the New York Transit system will soon be reading ads showing yet another picture of the twin towers and an airliner along with a crescent. Why There? it asks. Because we have freedom of religion, I answer. Because the government may not legislate against the free exercise of a religion or determine that one religion is to be preferred over another, I say to the ignorant, uncaring mob and the sinister forces that play them like pawns.

Does anything support the myth, popular in Islamic countries, that the US is out to destroy them and to kill Muslims better than this ad, this attitude, this anger? Of course we're eager to engineer Armageddon and so are they. Of course the Terrorists have won, since to bankrupt and confuse us and weaken us and set us against our principles and best interests was exactly what they set out to do. A popular uprising against justice and the rule of law has been the goal of many but none has been so successful in my lifetime as what has been accomplished by bin Laden and the Neocon Republicans with the aid of various radical supremacist groups foreign and domestic.

Why there? Well to be truthful it isn't there, only near there, but the answer is the same as it is to the question of why we didn't forbid radical Christian churches in Oklahoma City or the political anti-government speech that brought about the Federal Building attack and continues to fester. Because we all have the right to worship without interference from anti religious groups and from the government. That would be the government that's supposed to stay out of our lives, but only if we're of an approved religion.

We don't forbid KKK meetings even in neighborhoods full of people the Klan hates. We allow Tea Party extremists to wave guns at political rallies and threaten the lives of the president's family and to overthrow the government by force. We allow Christian churches to preach about the coming destruction of the Jews, the infidels and the end of the world anywhere they damn well please. But they're not Muslims, as a rule.

Our founding fathers offered praise for Islam, told Muslim leaders this was not a Christian country. There have been Muslim citizens in this country for centuries. There are millions of born in the USA Muslims in civilian and military life. When you take away the rights of one citizen for illegal reasons, you take away the rights of all and indeed if "they" hate us for being free, they're effective in making us less so and with our eager cooperation.

There's a bell tolling for us, for our freedom, for our souls and that thing up there in the steeple, wrapped in the flag and ringing it doesn't look anything like Osama.

(Cross posted from Human Voices)

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  • Now this is some interesting stuff

    " Of course the Terrorists have won, since to bankrupt and confuse us and weaken us and set us against our principles and best interests was exactly what they set out to do."

    Nobody confused anyone. I simply cannot agree with blaming everyone else for every thing that is happening. Nobody forced America's hand into invading Iraq.

    By Blogger The Kid, at 12:27 AM  

  • I'm not blaming everyone else. I'm blaming Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and the other Neocons who planned the Iraq war for reasons of their own and tried to fool us with false reasons. Yes, I blame the public for being stupid and paralyzed by patriotic hysteria, but behind it all was a group, a party, a cabal of business interests. I blame them.

    Nobody forced us to invade? Are you joking? Was it some sort of grassroots militia movement? We were given an inconsistent series of reasons for the war, few if any of which were connected to events on planet Earth. Someone is to blame for that war and the cost of that war. Your forgiveness is noble, but it's yours alone. I simply can't agree with that "blame game" and "moving forward" formula. It's a cheap gambit.

    By Blogger Capt. Fogg, at 10:30 AM  

  • > Nobody forced us to invade?

    Yes. Nobody forced the American hand. In fact, people still believe that invading is the best thing to do. It is not a blame game.

    George W. Bush got a resounding victory for his second term. That is a huge "YES - Great job on invading Iraq", by the American people.

    Comparing this to the UK, where the then Prime Minister was questioned in public about the real motivations of the war and it came out that they only have very weak reason and only poor judgement to blame.

    Why has Bush not been called? Why is he not questioned by a Congressional hearing? Just like the way the Big Banker were questions? Where is Dick Cheney? I do not see him answering any questions!

    It is not a blame game. It is called justice. It is called learning from mistakes.

    By Blogger The Kid, at 2:42 PM  

  • What do you mean that the terrorists won?! Are you suggesting that they fought for the right to tyrannize their victims?!

    As for Osama, he's dead for cryin' out loud!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:43 AM  

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