Sunday, August 15, 2010

More on Gibbs' (and now Dowd's) lefty smear

By Creature

Steven D:

So my question to Maureen Dowd and Robert Gibbs is why is a "single payer" health care system a dirty word (for that is how Gibbs intended to use it in his attacks on the administration's critics from the left)? Because "lefties" want it? Ask any Canadian if they would prefer changing their system to one like ours. Whether they consider themselves left, right or middle politically, I'd bet the vast majority would say No! emphatically.[...]

But for a high Democratic administration official to criticize a progressive policy idea as somehow being "dirty" or "ridiculous" is absurd. And for Gibbs and Dowd to both agree with the negative connotations given to that term ("Canadian health care" or "single payer" -- take your pick) shows how far our political discourse has fallen, how detached from even suggesting government can be a primary force to solve critical human problems such as public health and how insane we must appear as a country to every other western developed nation who provides better health care to their citizens.

It's amazing how often words like "how far our political discourse has fallen" can be used in so many different contexts today.

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