Monday, July 26, 2010

Pure vile

By Mustang Bobby.

Jeffrey Lord, some alleged human being who writes at The American Spectator, claims that Shirley Sherrod lied when she told the story that a relative of hers, Bobby Hall, was beaten to death while in the custody in Georgia. According to Mr. Lord's definition of what a true lynching is, the murderers didn't use a rope. No rope, no hanging, no lynching.

I can understand the right wing being put out because their completely fabricated story turned to shit right in their hands. I can even understand why they're trying so hard to rescue what's left of their dignity without actually admitting any culpability in promoting Andrew Breibart's lies. But this weaselly mealy-mouthed dismissal of a brutal murder is so far beneath contempt that it's hard to imagine anyone with any morals or sense of decency defending it.

But don't worry; they'll manage.

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