Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Palin: dangerous idiot

WaPo: "Palin invents word 'refudiate,' compares herself to Shakespeare."

Seriously? Seriously. You really can't make this shit up.


The issue, by the way, is that Sarah Palin objects to a mosque being built near Ground Zero in New York -- because, you know, 9/11 was apparently a Muslim attack on America (and not an attack by mostly Saudi extremists, waging mass-murder jihad, who certainly did not represent all of Islam). I suppose Palin herself should be held responsible for every crazy thing every crazy Christian does.

As Jon Chait notes, Palin's black-and-white worldview is in stark contrast even to Bush's:

The Bush administration understood that defining its foreign policy vision as a battle between the West and Islam was a disastrous choice and a victory for the extremists. But conservatives now are falling into the precise trap the extremists have set, which is to define all Islam as radical Islam. If you are capable of distinguishing between moderate Islam and extremist Islam, the notion of a mosque and Muslim cultural center two blocks from Ground Zero ought to be totally uncontroversial. Indeed, it is a celebration of American diversity and a symbol of what makes this country superior to its enemies.

In Palin, the extremists have a willing vessel into which to pour their poison. She is one of them, after all, and the last thing she wants to do, like the rest of her hateful right-wing ilk, is to celebrate what really makes her country great.

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  • So that's it for "it's my land and I'll build what I like" or maybe that idea is just for Christian jihadists. Would she screech if someone built a church next to where the Murrah Federal Building used to stand?

    And please no crap about McVeigh not being a Christian. If he's not, then Osama's not either.

    I don't remember the Refudiator making a peep when it was proposed to build a Catholic church on the site of Auschwitz, but of course that's too far away for her to see or know about - even farther than Russia.

    By Blogger Capt. Fogg, at 2:32 PM  

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