Friday, June 25, 2010

Sometimes you just gotta love Shep Smith

In this case, for putting conservative Andrew Napolitano in his place for defending BP and blaming the Gulf oil spill on the government. (If the government is to be blamed for anything, it is for lax, or non-existent, regulatory oversight -- that is, there was too little government, not too much. But it is ridiculous to be defending BP, much as Rep. Joe Barton did.) Here's HuffPo:

"I'm getting kinda grossed out, Judge," Smith shot back. "You're blaming the government for this?"

"I'm blaming the government for this," Napolitano affirmed.

Smith then went off on BP's record of safety violations and mistakes, asking Napolitano, "And now you're going to turn around and blame the government for these bumbling, fumbling, crazy people?"

"How does it feel to be standing up for BP?" he asked.

It probably feels pretty normal. Conservatives like Napolitano, which is how most of them are, are all about promoting the anti-government corporatocracy that lies at the core of their right-wing ideology. And that, of course, means defending BP in the wake of the worst environmental disaster in American history.


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