Friday, April 16, 2010

I hereby endorse Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination

Seriously, I do. I'm all in.

And so I hope he runs. And I hope he's not just toying with us:

If you see me losing 40 pounds that means I’m either running or have cancer.

Charming, as always, but he's pretty much the perfect Republican nominee, more perfect than Palin, more perfect than Huckabee. He's pretty much the incarnation of what it means to be a Republican. And so the Republicans would be stupid not to hand him the nomination should he decide to run.

As Jon Chait has written, "There are people who think that the solution to the GOP's image problem is to nominate a sleazy, corpulent, cigar-chomping lobbyist from the Deep South? Is Boss Hogg unavailable?"

You certainly don't need Boss Hogg when you've got the real thing. 

Haley Barbour '12!
Because you can't be too Republican.

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