Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The sausage is made

By Carl

Nevermind the possibility that Senate Republicans will raise all sorts of amendments to the bill in order to derail it. That's a non-starter for their election chances in November. Nobody likes a sore loser and despite John Boehner's warped reality system, most Americans want to move on now. Barack Obama has his victory, just as George W. Bush rammed a series of lethal tax cuts down the throats of Americans who objected strongly to giveaways to the wealthy in a time of war and a time of recessions.

Obama will sign the bill today or tomorrow and any procedural challenges the Senate Republicans can offer up will not change a law that's been passed and signed. Cry all you want, GOP, but you lost the 2006 and 2008 elections and elections have consequences. In this case, America finally, hestatingly and with barely a toe in the water, has stepped into the Twentieth Century.

Forget the court challenges. They will come, but they would come anyway. Barring the Supreme Court from intervening immediately (really...not going to happen...can't), the court challenges will take years to even get up to speed. Just ask Orly Taitz about the dim view courts take of obstructionist and ridiculous court challenges.

If the Republicans continue along this vein, they will lose seats in November. Where it once looked like Democrats might be the party in trouble, and make no mistake, they still have a hard road ahead, the Republicans desperation did not pay off and the bigoted rhetoric of their supporters in the Teabaggers has suddenly rendered this *koffkoff* "grassroots movement" null and void.

Stopped dead in its tracks. Yes, the leadership came out condemning the rhetoric, but here's the thing: so many positive things have been said about the Teabaggers and their moron-in-chief, Glenn Beck, that the Republicans will be covering up on the ropes, hoping the bell rings before the ref has to step in and call the fight.

Progress. Finally. Liberalism, triumphant, albeit barely.

But it's a start, a first step. Now it's up to you and I to make sure we don't stop trampling the vineyards of the grapes of wrath.

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